I’m back!

Some hackers had gotten a hold of my site and my host shut everything down.  Apparently the site was being used to wreck shop for other sites.  WinHost.com is a quality organization & I worked with them to resolve the issue & I’m now in the process of getting everything back up to speed.

Updating myself:

I entered a funk for last few years, where I didn’t have a lot of time that I wanted to devote to coding anymore.  I went to my job and then I came home and watched a bunch of Netflix!  Meanwhile AngularJS 1.x, React, ASP.Net Core 1 & 2 and countless CSS frameworks have passed me by.  I still don’t know what SASS or LESS is </smh> –  Maybe being a early adopter of the Windows Phone and Windows 8 debacle wore me out.  I had no desire to learn this new stuff.  I seriously wondered if I was going to continue to be a developer in the future &  I had started to think about what my exit plan would be.

However, in fall of this year I decided that I wasn’t done yet!  I started to look through my app note books to see what ideas might be interesting still.  What is feasible?  What is relevant?  What is interesting?  I looked at my projects that I had locally & found one that was 100% functional, yet it wasn’t deployed since it was written in AngularJS 1.x.  I’m a long way from learning the newer frameworks, so I made the decision in November that I’m going to publish my apps in the wild for all to see.  Regardless of the technology stack that I use (I’m currently comfortable in jQuery and webapi), but then upgrade the site/app as needed.  To be honest, I’m not 100% sure that Angular or ReactJS is going to make the site any better then what it is now.  However, now that my app is live, I can learn the new stuff with a meaningful example in mind.  Hello World is great, but I want to know how to do the bindings & call web services!

This BLOGs future:

In my last blog it was ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!  You name it, I wrote about it.  There are too many opinions out there for mine to make a difference.  Most of the time though I wrote because it was something to do.  I’m not a great writer, but I do like doing it.  The reboot of this blog is going to be development in nature.  Sorry, I’m not going to do the book or movie/TV reviews or politics or religion.  Just coding/programming/development – Maybe some life experience about those things, but it won’t stray too far from the core idea.




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