Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

At least I hope Jerry Seinfeld thinks so. I’ve been watching his web cast of Comedians in Cars getting coffee recently. I was noticing that it was just 2 people having a conversation. It reminded me of the many bar sessions I’ve had with various friends over the years. It got me thinking, that maybe having a web series just talking to my programmer friends might be kind of fun.

This is some rough thoughts that I’m sketching out to give a basic idea of what the show would be.

Most programmers drink beer or are foodies or something. It might be interesting to tie food or beer into the show much like how Comedians in Cars getting coffee highlights a car. Then it would be just conversational. I need to craft a set of questions that I could ask each guest (i.e – What are they currently doing? What is the their favorite framework? blah blah blah). But what strikes me the most is how Jerry knows all these comics on some level and can converse about comedy. I might be able to do with programming. It doesn’t matter if I am a C# developer and someone is a Python dev. I think we all share the same idea of creativity or logic or something else unknown.

If you haven’t seen Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, check out the link below and watch it on Netflix: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Some things I still need to do:

  • Get Equipment (cameras, tripods, mics)
  • Talk to some of my friends/build a guest list
  • Get permission from bar to film
  • Find an editor that will do it for free
  • Think of some interesting questions
  • Create a website so I can some how tie this in to learning something!

As you can see, I still have a lot of work to do.  If you have any suggestions for a title or show ideas, give me a shout on twitter.

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