#appIdea for developers

So you know when you start looking for a job and you go to those sites and you update your information and then you get bombarded with calls from recruiters? Yeah I think I have a cool app idea for that.

What if there was a service where you as the developer could block time for recruiters to call you and eventually setup interview times? Where the developer could go to the app and customize the time (by day) of when they are available for a phone call or face to face. Then the developer can pass a link to the recruiter and the recruiter can then select a slot with the appropriate information needed for the call or interview.

I used to coach and serve on the board of a youth soccer league. I would create a public spreadsheet that had the fields and the times available (by day) for practicing. I sent out the link to the public spreadsheet with minimal instructions and the other coaches would take the slots left. That spreadsheet was on your honor type of thing where other coaches wouldn’t highjack times but this app would be more locked down. This is the main idea for this app. It would be also interesting to create a chat bot/Alexa/Google/Cortana/Siri plug-in that could access this service as well. The app would have to tie into a calendar as well (which could be the tie-in to the virtual assistants).

The problem with this app is that it is only on the top of your mind when you are in that particular situation (looking for a job). So once that is done then the need to have something like this passes #goodproblemstohave.

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