Me against the world?!?!

If you know me, you know that I’m pretty straight laced. I try to stay in my lane, both personally and professionally.  Recently I’ve found myself outside the standard way of thinking when it comes to my resume.

Let’s talk about me and my resume for a bit.  First some facts:

  • I have been working since 1997 professionally.  Which means I have 20+ years of experience now.
  • At last count I have worked with 15 companies over that 20+ year time span.
  • I worked for 5 companies prior to the year 2000 (most of them out of business now)
  • I’ve held 5 contract positions
  • I’ve worked as a full time employee for 6 companies (1 company twice).
  • My bread and butter from the beginning of me working was Microsoft technologies.
    • Started off in Classic ASP/SQL/JavaScript – yes I remember the browser wars
    • Now I primarily am a Full Stack developer using C#, ASP.Net/MVC/web.API, Entity Frame work, SQL Server and javascript (mostly jQuery)
    • I’ve been doing .Net since 2002 and I was a VB.Net developer as I started my career also doing VB6.  I switched to C# sometime in the 2005/2006
    • I have worked with a couple of different patterns (i.e. MVC, MVVM)
    • I had Windows Phone and Windows 10 applications in the store at one time.

Those are some of the facts about me an my career.  Love it or hate it, my career is what it is.  My resume basically states this same information above, but i have stripped out the details of what tasks I did in each job.  My thought process was that a hiring manager probably doesn’t care about what application I maintained in MVC 3/4 in 2012 or what win form application I did in 2005.  I have also broken up my resume into categories: Full time positions and Contract positions.  I have made it very easy for hiring managers to see exactly what they need to see about my work history.

Now my BEEF:

Here is the thing, resumes have been written the same way for decades.  Back when people worked at the same position for years and years.  Back before Software Engineering was the #1 job in America, back before the internet, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Times have changed….  And drastically.  According to this article and this article and this article and this article – Job Hopping is the trend for Millennials.  I know it doesn’t say this in my resume but in High School I used to wear baggy jeans before they were trendy.  I hate to tell you, I’ve been job hopping since before it was trendy too!  As I’m getting older I find myself wanting to hop less, but again my career is what it is.  I’m guessing that in 5-10 years from now some variation of my resume will be what everyone will be using.  Technology changes quickly and most hiring managers want to know what you know now, not what calendar application you updated 5 years ago.

Lately, I have had a bunch of recruiters calling me.  I understand that most recruiters don’t care about me and that they are looking to get paid to fill a position (I’m sure if you are a recruiter reading this, you don’t fit this description 😉 ).  Let’s call a spade a spade here, I know that I’m the commodity in this situation, I have a value as the market is really hot.   I’ve been in the ups (dot com boom & now) and the downs (dot com bust & 2008) as I’ve been doing this for a long time.  I also it would seem that being a recruiter is a young persons job, maybe even their 1st full time gig out of college.  I have worked with some great recruiters at Prodigy Resources (Thoa and Henry) – both younger than I am, but we have a good working relationship as they have gotten me jobs.  Everyone else that is trying to place me is a stranger to me.  If you have gotten me a job and made me money then I will be more apt to listen to your advice about my resume, career or anything in between.  If you are a stranger and just looking to fill a position, please do not tell me that my resume needs work before you submit me.  I know that my resume is different and I know why I changed it to something different.

This may sound like I’m yelling at the kids today to get off my lawn!  Yes I am older now, but I’m at my prime of my career.  I have a ton of experience that I can bring to any company/job.  Take off your filter about what you have been taught by colleges and professors that have been teaching the same courses for 20 years.   Talk to me and try to understand me and you will be able to make money with me as your partner versus just a slot to fill.  You will gain access to my circle of trust and will be a partner for many years to come.

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