#appIdea for developers

So you know when you start looking for a job and you go to those sites and you update your information and then you get bombarded with calls from recruiters? Yeah I think I have a cool app idea for that. What if there was a service where you as the developer could block time […]

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

At least I hope Jerry Seinfeld thinks so. I’ve been watching his web cast of Comedians in Cars getting coffee recently. I was noticing that it was just 2 people having a conversation. It reminded me of the many bar sessions I’ve had with various friends over the years. It got me thinking, that maybe […]

I’m back!

Some hackers had gotten a hold of my site and my host shut everything down.  Apparently the site was being used to wreck shop for other sites.  WinHost.com is a quality organization & I worked with them to resolve the issue & I’m now in the process of getting everything back up to speed. Updating myself: I […]